3 Best Digital Photo Frames to Buy in 2017

What they lack in historical value or generation-passing history, digital photo frames offer a unique and engaging way to display pictures of family and friends a completely different albeit similar way (and advancements in technology has made them a cinch to set up and share). Looking for a better way to show off pictures from your family vacations, graduations and birthday parties, but you're not sure which digital photo frame might be right for you? Whether you want to spend the least amount of money or you want one that works with video, our round-up of the best digital photo frames will have you reminiscing in no time.

Best Overall: Spiro Goods

All your memories in one place.

Quality is always the best option. Full 1080p Resolution on a 15.4" wall mountable Screen. Display all your memories in full HD. The 1080p resolution ensures that every small detail on your photo is shown with pure clarity. Spiro's 2 stereo speakers make it easy to hear every sound on your videos. You can mix videos and photos in the same slideshow.

1 Step Setup:

Simply plug in your USB or SD card and start viewing all your photos and videos right away. No other installation required.

Control everything from your couch using Spiro's remote. Includes 16GB of internal memory. Spiro can also read up to 32GB cards (as long as there is only 16GB of memory on it).

Accurate Motion Sensor

Spiro's motion sensor can detect any movement in the room. When you leave, the frame will automatically turn off after a specific time you can set yourself. Upon returning, the frame will turn on when it detects you and start right where it left off.

Picture Formats: All common file types. Music Formats: All common file types. Video Formats: All common file types. Wall Mountable, Calendar, Clock, Alarm functions all included 

What's Included: Digital Photo Frame with 16GB of internal memory, Remote Control, Owner's Manual, AC Power Adapter, Desktop Stand.

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Runner-Up: Nix Advance 10-Inch

Featuring both photo and video 720p playback, the Nix Advance 10-inch digital photo frame comes equipped with more than 8GB of storage overall. The 1024 x 768 high-resolution 4:3 LED backlit display has a Hu-Motion sensor that allows the frame to turn on when it detects movement in the room and turn off after no movement is detected between five minutes up to one hour (depending what you have the setting on). Yes, It’s notable that the Nix Advance doesn't have WiFi, but with USB and SD/SDHC storage, plus the included 8GB of internal memory stick, there’s little need for it.

Throw in a user-friendly remote control, a stand, clock and calendar functions, as well as stereo speakers for the video playback and the Nix Advance is well worth the price of admission. Images can be viewed in shuffled order, by date or in A-to-Z order and have a slew of photo transitions. Mac owners should note that any SD card should be formatted in the camera for the photo frame to properly read the card.

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Best Budget: Ever Frames 8-Inch

The Ever Frames 8-inch high-resolution digital photo frame is a terrific choice for buyers on a budget. The display offers 1024 x 768 resolution in 4:3 format on a high-quality TFT screen. The included 4GB of internal memory has room for more than 3,000 photos and allows for both photo and video playback. The included feature set? Auto image rotation from horizontal to vertical, a remote control, clock and calendar, as well as multiple language options to make the digital frame user-friendly worldwide.

Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, connection to a computer allows for easy photo transfer to the internal memory. Ever Frames also provides space for a separately purchased SD card for additional storage beyond the included 4GB of internal memory. The Ever Frames digital photo frame supports SD, SDHC, MMC, as well as mini USB and USB 2.0 storage options for adding additional photos and video.

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